Lovense Nora

Nora is the result of years of development and is designed to live up to your needs and expectations. By working with our users, both the hardware and software has been continually perfected to live up to meet your needs.

Connect the Nora vibrator to your smartphone and open up a world of possibilities thanks to the technology of Bluetooth and WiFi. Have a partner or friend somewhere in the world? Both of you can play together with the Lovense app. Have them buy a Lovense Max (male masturbator) and connect together. When your toy moves, their toy reacts – and vice versa. How cool (or hot ;)) is that?


What customers say about the Lovense Nora:

Easy Bluetooth toy that feels so good! Honestly this is the best feeling toy I have ever owned and it’s so fun to let others control it. Makes it way more fun !!! I have had no problems using this toy despite other reviews that stayed that there were some problems connecting to Bluetooth. So far it’s amazing and I can’t wait to use it more!!
So much fun
This was a gift that I had received and oh my god!! This toy is insane!! Best orgasms ever! Wow!!!! Only downside is the rotation is a little loud and annoying, but that’s the only downside to this. The connection, I haven’t had an issue with at all!
Should have made this purchase forever ago!
Music mode gives me yet another reason to love Metallica! Ride the lightning indeed! The clitoral stimulation arm rides too high on me, so I just turn it around and use another toy (Hitachi) for that aspect. It needs to be more adjustable as some of us are on the smaller side,
Best orgasm toy I've ever had